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Quick Answers: Why is it important to have theologically trained pastors?

Why is it important to have theologically trained pastors? One reason is from a historical basis. The Reformed church, most notably the Puritan Divines, always were committed to a theologically trained ministry. The reason for them is the same reason for us today and it's to protect the integrity and the purity of the church.

Theological training is not the answer to all of the problems of ministry. It's not the answer to the character of a man, but it is an aid, a significant step towards protecting the theological purity and the teachings of the church.

To be theologically trained is of inestimable value to ground the thinking and the training and the whole approach of both the preaching and teaching within the Church of Christ.

From the editor:

If you are interested in pursuing theological training, below is a list of some schools that our contributors have attended - Reformed Baptist Seminary Reformed Theological Seminary


John M. Wise (BSN, Univ. of MD School of Nursing; DDS, Univ. of MD Dental School; MS, Univ. of Iowa Graduate School; MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary) is the Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Battle Mountain, NV. He is husband to Farrah, and they have 2 grown children.


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