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Quick Answers: How is salvation Trinitarian?

How is salvation Trinitarian? The Scripture teaches us that salvation is Trinitarian because the Father is the one who, in essence, is the initiator. As the most famous verse of the New Testament tells us, it was the Father who so loved the world that he sent his only Son. And we see throughout Scripture that it was the Father who initiated the idea, or the impetus for our great salvation by sending the Son, by providing the Son whom he delivered up for us all. We see that salvation is Trinitarian in the great work of the Son. It was Jesus, the Son of God, who left his throne and emptied himself to become a servant to his people. Ultimately, in his obedience to the Father and his great love of the Father, he offered himself up. Jesus said that no one takes his life from him, but he lays it down for his sheep.

We see in the Scripture that salvation is Trinitarian because Paul explains for us the great work of the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of Christ who brings us to Christ, who regenerates us, who gives us faith that we might turn to Christ in salvation.

So we see that salvation is truly Trinitarian; it's of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


John M. Wise (BSN, Univ. of MD School of Nursing; DDS, Univ. of MD Dental School; MS, Univ. of Iowa Graduate School; MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary) is the Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Battle Mountain, NV. He is husband to Farrah, and they have 2 grown children.


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